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Creating “Dynamic” XSL Variables

One of the really ugly things about working with Xsl is that it doesn’t support actual variables. There is a ‘variable’ element but it isn’t actually a variable; it is a constant as the value cannot be changed once it has been set. This leads to all sorts of horrible solutions, like duplicating Xsl for the various possible values/conditions or even turning a block of Xsl into a template and then passing parameters to it every time that value is needed. The latter works and is supported but is frequently overkill.

However, there is another way Click to read the full post

Automatically Set the AssemblyFileVersion for Visual Studio Projects

One of the more annoying quirks with dealing with SharePoint is that once you develop a solution that requires custom code, all dependencies are then tied to the Strong Name of the compiled DLL.  That strong name also includes the version number, usually, and cannot be changed without breaking all existing references.  This is a good thing from a compatibility perspective but it does make it rather complicated to figure out exactly which version of a DLL is in use.

You can open up the WSP and then use the timestamps and take a guess at the version but it is not always reliable.  Click to read the full post

Optimus V and Virgin Mobile versus Daylight Savings Time

This morning I realized that my quasi-antique Optimus V Android had not updated for daylight savings time.  A search on the internet showed numerous posts from 2010 all with the same issue and all stating that every possible fix under the sun corrected the problem.  Many said to simply disable automatic time settings.  Unfortunately, the version of Android installed on the Virgin Mobile phones has that option hidden.

I did find a solution and it was naturally not what was posted in any of the messages I saw.  So, to add my voice to the chorus, here is my solution :

Enable the GPS radio for a few minutes

Tough one eh?  I normally have my phone in Airplane mode because the building I work in is very unforgiving with radio signals and kills almost all but the most resilient of them right at the door.  Thus, to preserve battery life, I leave my phone in Airplane mode and enable only the WiFi radio in order to access the network at the office.  I normally have my GPS radio off all of the time to further increase battery life but I imagine that the time would have auto-corrected had I left that radio on.

For those interested, I use the Power Manager utility to manage the state of the various radios on my phone.