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A List of All Changes in the October 2013 Cumulative Update

It is Cumulative Update time again and so Microsoft has once more attempted to make tracking down the specifics of what has been changed or updated to as difficult as possible. This post is just a single place that pulls together all of the changes in the October 2013 CU in one place instead of scattered across Click to read the full post

A List of All Changes in the October 2012 Cumulative Update

The October 2012 Cumulative Update for SharePoint is out and Microsoft continues to release the list of changes in so many fragments that it is nearly impossible to answer the simple question of what has changed. So, I’ve tried to pull all of the October changes into a single place, like I did back in August. Click to read the full post

A List of All Changes in the August 2012 Cumulative Update

The August 2012 Cumulative Update for SharePoint 2010 is out.  However, for some reason, the folks at Microsoft have not yet seen fit to release a single list that shows all of the changes contained in a Cumulative Update.  Instead, they issue two Knowledge Base articles that each in turn include a list of links to other knowledge base articles and sometimes those link to still other knowledge base articles.  Oh, and sometimes they include still more links to other knowledge base articles in the list of fixes!  All of this adds up to make answering the relatively obvious and simple question of “What has been fixed?” a great deal more time consuming than it should be.

Since I have to look at all of the changes anyway, I just went ahead and bundled them up Click to read the full post

SharePoint Updates and Service Pack links

I’ve been looking for official links to all SharePoint service pack and version history information for some time and have only been able to find various blogs out there, none of which are updated regularly.  Fortunately, Microsoft actually does have official pages for updates and service packs.  Here are the links (mostly so I don’t lose them again 😉 )

Official Microsoft Pages

There is also an RSS Feed for updates to all office products that includes all version of SharePoint, among other things.

Microsoft also has pages that show all of the specific version numbers for SharePoint by Product/Service Pack/Cumulative Update and, best of all, they are current as of this writing – including the August 2013 Cumulative Update.

Hopefully these will help more people than just me as these official pages were never near the top of my Google searches for any SharePoint topic and were hard to find if you weren’t searching on just the right keywords.


Update 09-Sep-2013 – Added links for SharePoint 2013 and revised text to reflect the changes