The Increasing Irrelevance of Google Searches

It seems like the search results coming out of Google are getting less and less relevant.  It is nothing I can put my finger on, given the practical art that is a search engine, it's just that I've been finding a lot of things missing from results.  Things I know are out there.

It used to be that if something was out there on the net, it was in Google.  All you had to do was figure out the right way to ask for it.  Lately, that simply has not been the case.  I regularly run across key blogs, press releases from major companies, and even Usenet postings that are simply not in the search results.  I've often had to find these answers using other search engines or the old fashioned way, by following "useful links" on sites that I frequent.

This problem seems to have escalated about 4-5 months ago.  I've checked with co-workers and they tell me that they've noticed it too.  I hope they fix it soon because the old results are sorely missed.

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