Worthless Backups

What is with corporate backups? I’ve been in this field over a decade and have yet to actually see a Restore of anything actually work. Seriously! Files, databases, anything. Anytime that I’ve been in a situation that needed something restored from backup, the backup was either corrupted or the systems people lacked the ability to selectively restore only the item needed.

I actually had a system admin tell me that in order to restore a file, he would have to restore the whole volume. This was all the worse because this was a Fortune 500 company and I know that their backup software and systems were state of the art. They just put a moron in front of it and assumed it would still do miracles.

Companies spend a fortune on backup software, disaster recovery planning and the like, yet, when it is really needed, the data is nowhere to be found – as the recent incident in Alaska is yet another indication. (Alaska Department of Revenue vaporizes $38 billion account)

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