Bizarre InfoPath Dialog

I'm trying to open a local copy of an InfoPath form that was originally opened from SharePoint.  The actual .xsn file that I've been working with is on my local file system and that is where I'm opening it from.  However, when I open it, I get the dialog below:



Ok…. so … I know the template on my local machine is the one I want to open and I know that it is different than what is in SharePoint, so I naively click on the "Keep Form Template on Your Computer" button, thinking that it will, you know, keep the one that is on my computer rather than the one in SharePoint.  Silly me.  That option actually opens the original template from SharePoint, which is a "replace" of my local copy in my way of thinking of things.

Now, I realize that a very careful reading of the actual message (which nobody actually does until after the fact) will somewhat point you to the right answer, but having to click "Replace…" in order to keep local changes and "Keep…" to replace local changes is just a little bit counter-intuitive. Maybe a "use this one" button under each option might have been clearer?  Just a thought…

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