The Value of an IT Curmudgeon

They have stories from the dawn of computing, about the problems with tape backup, data layouts using bitmasking to save single bytes wherever possible and can regale you with tales of horror about the era of punchcards.  While they can expound for hours on middling details of tech found only in museums, they are surprisingly quiet on the merits of any recent technologies.  One could say that their value is historical but I think they serve a far greater purpose.

They are warning posts, put in place to remind you about the perils of complacency.  About what will happen to you if you let your skills lapse or get too comfortable with any one particular technology.  This field moves too fast and they are glimpses into your own future if you stop moving with it.

Talk with them.  Listen to them.  Consider them the career equivalent of a car wreck.  They hit the brick wall so you don't have to.

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