One More Reason to Love ULS Viewer

If you do any work with SharePoint then you probably already know about the incredibly wonderful tool that Microsoft gave us called ULS Viewer.  This tool allows you to watch and filter your SharePoint logs in real-time or after-the-fact so that you can find key events.

Apparently they added something else in there to be grateful for – ‘New Page By This Item’.  Simply right-click on one of the entries in the list, select that option and you are presented with a dialog like the one below. 


Make your selection for your filter, click ok and now you have a new tab based on that selection.  If you are filtering on a past event, make sure to uncheck the ‘Restart filtering’ option so that it will pull from the current log instead of starting fresh.

Why is this so wonderful?  Well, if you are doing a lot of real-time monitoring of the logs, you know how much noise there is in there, making finding critical information difficult as things scroll by so fast.  So, you set up filters (usually a lot of them) to cut down on the noise.  Normally, when you filter for something, i.e. a Correlation ID, you have to scrap all of your live filters so that you can see all of the entries associated with the ID.  Using this method however, the tab that you are using for live monitoring continues normally but now you have a new tab that lists everything associated with just that ID.

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