A List of All Changes in the February 2013 Cumulative Update

This article continues my series of attempting to put all of the various changes in a Cumulative Update into a single place.  This post only covers the February 2013 Cumulative Update for SharePoint 2010.  The details regarding the specific CU changes for SharePoint 2007 and for SharePoint 2013 can be found on the Microsoft site with the usual obfuscation.

SharePoint 2010 Foundation

2760774 (Wss-x-none.msp)

  • Consider the following scenario:
    • You try to open a document from a document library in SharePoint Foundation 2010.
    • SharePoint Foundation 2010 cannot connect to the back-end SQL server.
    • Microsoft Forefront tries to scan the document.

In this scenario, the W3wp.exe process stops responding. Therefore, the following scan requests are in a pending state.

  • When you delete a list item from a project task list in Project Tasks view, the list item does not appear in the Recycle Bin. Instead, the list item is deleted permanently.
  • Consider the following scenario:
    • You create a calendar list in SharePoint Foundation 2010.
    • You add an all-day event to the calendar list.
    • You create a Gantt view for the calendar list.
    • You open the all-day event in the Gantt view.

In this scenario, the start and end time of the all-day event is displayed incorrectly.

  • Assume that you enable the inline editing feature for a custom list that contains some list items. When you try to sort the list items in descending order, the list items are unexpectedly sorted in ascending order.
  • Consider the following scenario:
    • You add a heading to the Navigation pane of a team site, and the heading contains links.
    • You create a custom list on the team site in Datasheet view.
    • You click the custom list on the Quick Launch bar.
    • You rest the mouse pointer over the heading that you added.

In this scenario, the flyout menu for the heading is displayed behind the Datasheet view. Therefore, you cannot access the menu.

  • Assume that you enable forms-based authentication in SharePoint Foundation 2010. When you use a mobile device to access a SharePoint site, you receive the following error message:

An error occurred during the compilation of the requested file, or one of its dependencies.

SharePoint 2010 Server

2767793 (SharePoint server-package)

Includes all fixes from the Foundation CU 2760774 as well as all

  • When you remove a hyperlink from a Hyperlink with formatting constraints for publishing column in SharePoint Server 2010, new hyperlinks cannot be added to the column.
  • Assume that you have a document library named “Transfer” that has been recently accessed in SharePoint Server 2010. You run the Merge-SPLogFile cmdlet to return Unified Logging Service (ULS) log entries by using a correlation ID filter. In this situation, the cmdlet returns no results and you receive the following error message:

WARNING: Cmdlet did not return any records in the log file. Check your time range or filters.

2767795 (Coreserver-x-none.msp)

  • Assume that you rate a document in a SharePoint Server 2010 document library. When you run an incremental crawl on the site collection that contains the document library, the new rating for the document is not displayed.
  • Assume that you click No in the Dialogs section on the Library Settings page in a library. Then, you add a document set to the library. After you upload multiple documents to the document set, you are unexpectedly redirected to the root site of the site collection that contains the library.
  • Consider the following scenario:
    • You configure the User Profile Service Application on a farm (farm A).
    • You use the User Profile Service Application to configure a My Site site to point to a web application in a different farm (farm B).
    • You update the Manager field value on the My Site site, and then you save the change.
    • In this scenario, you receive the following error message:

An error occurred trying to save your profile.

Note Although you receive the error message, the change is saved. When you try to save the change again, you do not receive an error message.

  • Assume that you search for a user profile by using the “people search” function on a SharePoint team site. If the user that you search for is not logged in to the My Site site before you search for the user profile, the profile picture of the user profile is not displayed in the search results.

2553166 (Wdsrv-x-none.msp)

Note: This KB is referenced in the several articles but does not appear to have been published yet.  I’ll update this post whenever that page becomes available.

2589344 (Ppsmawfe-x-none.msp)

  • After you apply hotfix 2687353 in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, the New Dimension Filter lists only one member of a SharePoint list data source in PerformancePoint 2010 Dashboard Designer.

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