Upload Files to SharePoint using PowerShell

SharePoint admins occasionally have write PowerShell scripts to regularly extract some type of summary data from the SharePoint farm and then write that out to a file, usually in CSV format since PowerShell handles those so well. This is great for admins because we can just log onto the box and open the file to read the data, but what about the rest of the SharePoint team that also needs that data?

The obvious and “SharePointy” solution is to upload the CSV files to a SharePoint document library so that others on the team can easily access the data whenever they want and then use Excel to slice it to their heart’s content. However, there is a problem: PowerShell has no way of uploading those files into SharePoint! Even if it did, SharePoint document libraries have so many configuration possibilities that it could get hairy quickly.

I wrote the script below to get around that. It can be called from other scripts and allows for:

  • Major and Minor Versioning
  • Check Out (if required)
  • Check In with comment
  • Approval with comment (if required)
  • Usage of the original file’s timestamps for SharePoint’s Created/Modified fields

    Check In and Approval updates the Modified date so that the file date will not be reflected in those cases

The script is still a little rough but seems to work for most cases.

[string] $listUrl = $null, # = "http://bad.domain.xyz/Path",
[string] $file = $null, # = "C:\SomeFolder\SomeFile.txt",
[string] $checkInComment = "Background Process Upload",
[bool] $publishMajorVersion = $true,
[bool] $approve = $true, # approve it if if approval is required
[string] $approvalComment = "Approved by background process",
[bool] $useFileTimes = $false # use the original file times for SharePoint created/modified
# Original script - 01-May-2013 - David Wise
# GIST Url: https://gist.github.com/DavidWise/5495616
# Note: for testing purposes, simply set $listUrl to a valid SharePoint Document Library and $file to the path of a local file to upload and then run the script
function SetFileTimes($pUploadedFile, [System.IO.FileInfo] $pLocalFile) {
$item = $pUploadedFile.Item
if ($item -eq $null) { return }
$item["Created"] = $pLocalFile.CreationTime
$item["Modified"] = $pLocalFile.LastWriteTime
# basic required parameters
if ($ListUrl -eq $null -or $file -eq $null) {
write-output "A ListUrl and a File must be specified"
exit 4
# does the specified file exist?
if ([System.IO.File]::Exists($file) -eq $false) {
write-output "The specified file '$file' does not exist"
exit 5
$destUri = $null
$localFile = get-item -LiteralPath $file
$site = $null
try {
# can we open the SharePoint site from the URL?
$destUri = [System.Uri]($listUrl)
write-output "Opening: $listUrl"
$site = [Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite]($listUrl)
} catch {
$msg = $error[0].Exception.Message
write-output "Unable to open site '$ListUrl' - $msg"
exit 6
$queryParams = [System.Web.HttpUtility]::ParseQueryString($destUri.Query)
$folderPath = $queryParams["RootFolder"]
if ($folderPath -eq $null) {
$folderPath = $destUri.LocalPath
$web = $site.OpenWeb()
$folder = $null
$list = $null
$file = $null
$exitCode = 0
try {
$folder = $web.GetFolder($folderPath)
$list = $web.GetList($listUrl)
$bRequiresCheckIn = $false
if ($list -eq $null) { throw "Unable to open list" }
if ($folder -eq $null -or $folder.Exists -eq $false) { throw "Unable to open folder '$folderPath'" }
#if the library requires a check out, we must do that first
if ($list.ForceCheckout -eq $true) {
$folder.Files | %{
if ($_.Name -eq $localFile.Name) {
#if we have a match, check it out
# ~~ in testing I found that under certain conditions, the document would exist after deletion but with a version of 0.1
# ~~ I'm not sure why but turning off the Require CheckOut option and then running this code cleared it up
if ($_.CheckOutType -ne "None") {
$bRequiresCheckIn = $true
$stream = $localFile.OpenRead()
$newFile = $folder.Files.Add($folder.Url + "/" + $localFile.Name, $stream, $true, $checkInComment, $false)
if ($useFileTimes) { SetFileTimes $newFile $localFile }
if ($bRequiresCheckIn -eq $true -or $publishMajorVersion -eq $true) {
$revType = 0 # minor rev
if ($list.EnableVersioning -eq $true -and $publishMajorVersion -eq $true) { $revType = 1 }
if ($list.EnableVersioning -eq $false) { $revType = 2 }
if ($newFile.CheckOutType -eq "None") { $newFile.CheckOut() }
$newFile.CheckIn($checkInComment, $revType)
if ($list.EnableModeration -eq $true -and $approve -eq $true) {
Write-output "File Uploaded successfully"
} catch {
$msg = $error[0].Exception.Message
write-output "Unable to open list Url '$ListUrl' - $msg"
finally {
if ($web -ne $null) { $web.Dispose() }
if ($site -ne $null) { $site.Dispose() }
$web = $null
$site = $null
exit $exitCode

4 thoughts on “Upload Files to SharePoint using PowerShell”

  1. Am getting the below error , do you have any idea ?

    Unable to open site ‘http://sample.com/SSIS/Lists/Test/’ – Unable to find type [Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite]
    : make sure that the assembly containing this type is loaded.

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